Picasso Baby…

6 months old and already going to art class. I fancy myself as quite the creative and being able to explore all things arty with my little doll was a chance I wasn’t going to miss out on. After getting incredibly lost walking around East Greenwich and turning up after the obligatory sing along that all mum and baby classes tend to start and end with we walked in to one of those make shift portable rooms that takes you right back to finger painting at primary school. Laid upon blue tarpaulin were black and white papers, paints, sponges and potatoes. Yes, potatoes.

I love the idea of exploring your child’s arty side so young and introducing them to different colours, paints, and textures. The concept behind The Creation Station, the award-winning class, is to explore textures, colours and encourage development from an early age. Every week there is a different colour theme that is thought up and led by the delightful Julia. Today’s class had a black and white theme culminating in the creation of penguin puppets.

I made a cross-eyed walrus, just to be different, but mainly because the orange teeth were already cut out, discarded and in the scrap pile plus I couldn’t find two matching googly eyes so a yellow and red one would have to suffice! The class was fantastic, the paints are organic and completely safe for babies. Just as well as most of them had been chewing on the sponges and paintbrushes by the end of the class, one kid had even drawn himself a rather fetching Santa beard with a sponge roller. My little madam thought it was more fun to scrunch the paper up and then rip it to shreds, followed by attempting to eat it. Oh so proud. She is at that age that everything and anything will be eaten or licked when she’s around, so I was happy to hear that the paints are edible too.

It may sound pretty daunting to try at home but I would definitely recommend giving it a go. The creation station provide rather fetching red all in ones to protect the little ones clothes and you can buy these online from their online store http://www.thecreationstationstore.co.uk/l or http://www.muddypuddles.com stock similar overalls that are fleece lined so will also come in handy for rolling about in outdoors too. There are a number of washable baby safe paints available online or you could even try make your own by adding diluted food colouring to yogurt, condensed milk or a paste of water and cornflour. From there you can use vegetables, sponges, textured surfaces… Just about anything to get creative with. You will probably need an old table-cloth or sheet to protect your home from the chaos that will no doubt ensue but it will be all be in the name of art and fun, and you can’t get better than that.

But if you happen to live near Greenwich or can find a Creation Station class locally I would definitely go for a trial and let you and your babies inner Picasso out!

Next weeks class has a gold and silver theme… Liberace, eat your heart out!

For more information on Greenwich and Blackheath classes contact Julia Scoble at http://www.thecreationstation.co.uk/childrens-art-class-and-party-entertainer/london-blackheath-and-greenwich


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