The lifestyle of blog of a new mother and aspiring entrepreneur balancing the joys and struggles all things baby with life and work in London.

My interests are rather varied so you will find anything and everything in these pages – Baby, Fashion, Nutrition, Business, Interior Design and of course Martinis. And before you ask, my martini of choice is Lychee.


You can contact me on my blog by commenting on my posts.

You can also follow me in Instagram on @motherhoodandmartinis or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Motherhoodandmartinis

If you want to email me you can reach me at motherhoodandmartinis@gmail.com

Work with me

I’m a PR friendly blog and am more than happy to review products or services that fit within my interests and need the perspective of a new mum or thirty something. I’ll only work with brands or companies that I really believe in and advocate but feel free to get in touch on motherhoodandmartinis@gmail.com to see if we can work together.


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