Sticks and Sushi

IMG_2575For absolute yumminess my fave place to head to on the island has always been Roka (especially with their fab weekend offers – another great perk of being an Island-er) but with Sticks and Sushi opening up in Greenwich recentlyIMG_2572, I think we may have some contention for the top spot locally. I first visited Sticks and Sushi Covent Garden in Jan with some yummy mummy friends and they did well to accommodate our 4 prams around a huge table in the middle of the restaurant on a Friday lunch.

The Greenwich location has a relaxed low lit entrance with a few large tables, it seemed like the perfect place for an almost asleep baby. However, we were unfortunately seated in the windowless central part of the restaurant with bright white walls and lighting that led to a very awake unhappy baby. When booking, I would definitely recommend asking for a table near the front to ensure peaceful baby time. Regardless the food was delicious. The menu is more of a picture book, gorgeous glossy pictures of sumptuous sushi and juicy cuts of meat and fish –  it makes you want to order everything and we almost did.

IMG_2574First, lets talk sticks. The sticks are delicious and perfect bites that you order individually so you could, if really hungry, try them all. Ok, that’s maybe excessive but my hubby certainly did attempt to try as many as he could. The picture on the left starts with Panko breaded Duck with caesar dressing, Salmon wrapped in smoked bacon with miso herb butter, miso marinated salmon and finally lamb chop with miso herb butter.  The duck was melt-in-your-mouth tender, the added lime made the flavours pop. I love any kind of lamb and especially when it’s perfectly pink. The first time I had this in Covent garden the lamb was pretty good but this time it was just ok. Roka is still my favourite place for lamb chops – the Korean spiced morsels of deliciousness are just the best ever.

IMG_2569The sushi was delicious. The Kaburimaki (topped rolls) are not only gorgeous but taste just as good as they look. My fave rolls, were Hells Kitchen and Salmon Ceviche. The latter was fresh and zingy, the salmon über silky with a great crunch of red onion. The Hells kitchen, is tempura shrimp topped with tuna and spicy barbecue – it was so damn good and I normally don’t like tuna anything. The hand-rolls were too dense for my liking but the tempura shrimp inside was delicious with a super crispy panko crust. We tried the Kataifi scallops with miso aioli, I wasn’t keen on the trout roe garnish but the hubby thought they were yummy.

IMG_2576The standout dish for me had to be the ribs. They were so moreish; spicy, sour and candy sweet with a delicious burnt garlic sesame crunchy topping. The meat fell off the bone it was so tender, my mouth is watering as I type. I think I will have to pop in soon just for a plate of them and a bowl of my new fave drink – iced matcha latte. Sticks and Sushi serve matcha in these amazing huge terracotta white bowls (see below), you have to sort of slurp it out as delicately as you can.

IMG_2573The dessert menu is a selection of bento boxes or you can pick and chose the elements you want to try. We decided to share the white box, we swapped out the yuzu curd for the chocolate marcel cake and glad that we did – it was the best one. The little light refreshing tastes were perfect after the copious amounts of herbed miso butter and sushi rolls.

It’s a great place for good quality interesting sushi, yummy anything-you-can-imagine yakitori sticks and delicious ribs. Seriously, the ribs are so good.

Happy Eating.