Bali bliss in your own bathroom…

The serenity of a spa is a long world away from my new normal of late night feeds, nappy changing and teething baby drama. So given a quick break by my hubby for some me time was an absolute dream. But when I mean quick I’m talking 40 minutes, clearly not enough time to indulge in a spa day… So I brought the spa day to me!!!

I received a delightful gift set from one of my lovely sister in-laws recently, the Temple Spa – Spa Retreat Discovery Collection. Temple Spa is a company founded by the husband and wife team that took The Body Shops Colourings brand from a turnover of £4million to £124million they also created and launched the Virgin Vie brand for Richard Branson. Temple Spa was born as their own baby after inspiration from travelling the Mediterranean and wanting to create a niche brand that evoked the principles of retreat and restore.

The collection comes in gorgeous packaging, a beautiful box with the most brilliant concept. Inside the gift box along with 8 bottles and jars of magic potions there is a card that details “15 steps to create your own spa, wherever you are”. This innovative concept takes what looks like a normal gift set to a whole new level and prescribes a recipe for utter relaxation. I’m more of a hot shower kinda girl than a lounge in the bath for an hour kinda girl, I cannot stand it when my fingers go wrinkly, yuck! So I adapted the process to suit me and changed a few of the steps around, but it was just the relaxation I needed. The quality of the products is outstanding – no wonder Harrods bypassed their usual 3 year wait list and got the products on their shelves within a week of being introduced to them. They all smell delicious, are super rich and my skin honestly feels lovely even a day later.

As per step one, I carb-ed up with my late lunch of supposedly “gourmet” pizza from my local Firezza, ran the shower at max to steam up the room and created a spa like ambience by lighting my new decadent Lelo Vanilla and Creme de Cacao flickering massage candle (Available at Selfridges). I used the Be Gone kind-hearted Cleansing Lotion first and as I couldn’t find my organic cotton face towel, a bright orange baby muslin would have to suffice. The cleansing cream is rich and soft and I instantly felt refreshed, it is made with aubergine, liquorice, cucumber and basil. The creme has an overwhelming smell of lavender which just took me straight back to making a heart-shaped lavender pillow for my sewing badge at brownies when I was 9. Regardless of the random flash back I was suitably relaxed and ready to start my “at home spa ritual”. Next up was the delicious Breakfast Smoothie exfoliator that is just edible (not literally), its unctuous and delicately grainy. You are supposed to leave this on for ten minutes so after a quick massage in to my pores I hopped in the shower and used a little bit of the Drift Away Relaxing oil on my skin, the smell of Jojoba, frankincense and patchouli coupled with the candle light, the veil of steam and Tibetan healing sounds on YouTube lulled me right in to a false reality of actually being in a spa (just need to pretend the baby bath and laundry bag aren’t there!!!).

Having not read the next step properly, I was supposed to put the face mask on before my shower and use cucumber slices on my eyes while languishing in the bath. Instead, I decided to lay on my bed for a few minutes with a towel over as if I was waiting for a massage therapist to walk in and knead out my muscles, however, she did not appear so I went on to the next step! The Becalm Soothing Face Mask feels like a uber rich moisturiser, on putting it on I had to double-check that I hadn’t mixed up products as it seemed to just sink in to my skin rather than lay on my face and pull it tight like most traditional masks tend to do. You could actually feel it instantly plumping up your skin, much what I imagine a collagen shot would do to your cheeks but without the need for medical grade needles thankfully. I have never much cared for toner after almost burning my skin off with the wrong clique three-step programme when I was about 15 that I stole from my sisters make up bag. However, given that the ingredient list reads more like a salad than a beauty product the Toning Essence Essential Mist Toner is gentle and light with an orange blossom fragrance. It includes lemon, lime oil, lavender, tomato, bitter orange, basil, mandarin, melon extract, rosemary, rose geranium and sweet orange. You seal the moisture in with the Be Still Settling moisturiser, it is marketed as liquid velvet and I think it would be great under make up with no need for a primer.

Step 10, was quite a challenge – my hair is notoriously knotty and I loathe brushing the knots out but this step actually requires you to brush your hair for two minutes. After hacking away with my detangling brush the process of simply brushing my hair through was utterly relaxing and my hair is silky soft today but I credit that to the new Elvive Fibrology shampoo that I’m currently using – super cheap and much better than the Toni and Guy stuff I was using before that is literally 10 times the price. At this point, I could hear hubby and baby lingering outside the door to hurry up as they both needed feeding so I briefly massaged in the Aaahhh! Soothing Balm for Aching feet and limbs which I could still feel tingly away while little one was devouring her avocado puree on my lap 10 minutes later. I finished up with the Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream. Packed full with vitamins galore, bitter orange, black pepper oil, geranium it literally relaxes you in to a tranquil daze – it was the perfect ending to my few moments of Home Spa bliss.

Now, I just need to get my hands on the coveted award-winning Skin Truffle moisturiser to continue my new obsession with Temple Spa. And I think my mini Me is a fan already, I found her trying to eat the gift box this morning!!!

For more information on Temple Spa products check out or visit one of their affiliated spa’s